Push Prep Crash Course: Day 5

Practice Like You Play

Learn how to practice pushing in different positions and how to utilize partner support during practice AND delivery.

The Final P - Practice Like You Play

This is the last piece of my 3P Method to reduce the risk of serious tearing and trauma during childbirth. This is where everything comes together.
Think about how we prepare our bodies for a race or an athletic event.
We don’t send someone into a major league baseball game for their first time without practice, training, and strengthening, right?
The same principles should apply to childbirth!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice Like You Play allows you and your body to actually get used to being in similar situations to what you will experience during labor.
It will help you to start seeing what positions feel good to you, and what positions you like best to push in.
You can practice each of the positions we discussed in yesterday's lesson and incorporate everything else you’ve learned so far.
Practice your breathing, your perineal massage, and your pushing in these different positions, so that when you are in labor and it’s time to push for real, you’ve been there before.
Add in your partner to help, as well, so he or she knows how to support a leg, or help rub your back when needed.
Down There Done Right

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