The Total Package for Birth Prep, Delivery & Recovery

From a board-certified women’s health physical therapist: the most successful way to prep & recover from birth to reduce trauma, limit tearing, and stop leaking!
Normal Price: $1200
Down There Done Right Bundle price: $397
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With Down There Done Right™, you can:

Feel CONFIDENT and decrease fear entering childbirth

Even if things don’t go exactly as expected, you’ll know your options ahead of time and be prepared with the knowledge and tools to handle whatever comes your way.

Minimize your pain, downtime, and recover time

Clients that have gone through my program experience less vaginal tearing, easier birth and recovery, less leaking and prolapse, less pain with sex, and a stronger core.

Let the experts take care of your concerns

No more unanswered questions or worrying that something is majorly wrong. You’ll have a team of experts on your side to make sure your prep and recovery are safe and effective.

Get the peace of mind that you deserve!

Buy Down There Done Right today!

If you are pregnant, have a baby, or aren’t done creating your family just yet, Down There Done Right is for you!

 $1200   if you purchase all 3 programs separately.

Down There Done Right Bundle Pricing:  $397

(also makes a great gift!)

Here’s exactly what’s included:

Elevate Your Birth
($498 value)

Everything you need to know about your upcoming birth, from push prep and birthing positions to safely preparing your pelvic floor for a smooth and speedy recovery.

The Early Days
($498 value)

A practical guide to navigating your first 6 weeks after labor with actionable tips on mobility, pain relief, wound care, pooping, preparing for your checkup and so much more.

PostPartum Power
($498 value)

A clinically proven postpartum recovery program that includes education and exercises for early mobility, safe pelvic floor strengthening, returning to sex and exercise, and more.

Plus, we've added $900 worth of bonuses!

Printable course workbook for both courses
($199 value)

Follow along in your workbooks as you make your way through the courses. The workbooks are filled with pictures, additional instruction, and guidance on goal setting with areas to take notes, track your progress, and organize your thoughts and questions.

Unlimited Community Access 
($199 value)

Not only do you have access to specific discussion boards with other moms and students but there are also expert workshops on topics like nutrition, fitness, hormone support, etc.

BONUS: Partner Guides
($99 value)

A video course and workbook for your partner to help  prepare them to support you  best during the pregnancy, birth and afterwards!

BONUS: Return to Sex 
($99 value)

A fan favorite: Learn why sex is uncomfortable after having a baby, how to make it better, what exercises you need to be doing to start gettin' busy with your boo.

BONUS: Return to Running
($99 value)

Not just for runners, this course will prepare you whether you are running for fun or running after your toddler. Learn what you need to have in place so you can start running safely!

BONUS: Hypnobirthing Guide + Video
($199 value)

Video training with Tracey Donahue, founder of GentleBirth, Doula, and Hypnobirthing Instructor.

Prepare and Recover the RIGHT way.

Enjoy your journey, love your motherhood, be strong, and feel secure and confident in knowing that your preparation and recovery will be safe and effective.

Elevate Your Birth

The Early Days

Postpartum Power

Plus: Multiple Bonuses

Down There Down Right has been life-changing for hundreds of moms

“My husband and I went through the exercises in the videos and I really think that was the difference for me during labor and why I had no tearing.”

“Despite having been through childbirth and recovery 3 times, I learned so many new things that I use in my life every day.”

Some of the awesome things you’ll learn:

PREVENT trauma and serious vaginal tearing, and IMPROVE healing.

Learn all the things traditional childbirth courses DON’T teach but should.

Be EMPOWERED and armed with knowledge for birth and postpartum recovery.

Be CONFIDENT and decrease FEAR entering into birth (vaginal or belly).

Bounce forward, NOT backward after baby is here.

Recover safely and effectively with EXPERT guidance.

Reduce or even ELIMINATE pelvic floor issues like leaking pee, painful sex, core weakness, and prolapse.

Upgrade Your Birth and PostPartum Experience: You’re WORTH it!

Enroll in Down There Done Right, Today!

What you'll get:

Your complete guide for pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
Don’t miss all the great bonuses that are only available for a limited time!



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Meet Dr. Marcy Crouch

Hi! 👋 I'm Dr. Marcy, pelvic floor obsessed PT and your new BFF!
I have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and am a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy with over a decade of specialization in all aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy, and postpartum musculoskeletal issues.
As a mother of two amazing boys, I have dedicated the last 13+ years to serving, empowering, and equipping women and the birthing community from birth preparation through postpartum recovery.

My mission is to set a new standard of physical health and wellness so that birthing persons everywhere have the necessary preparation, support, and knowledge to navigate pregnancy, labor, and recovery regardless of status or background.

Just a handful of the sites and influencers we’ve collaborated with:

Your questions answered.

If you have a question that isn’t covered below, send an email to
Unfortunately, most insurance plans in the United States will not fully cover common/necessary treatment for women’s health issues. However, every insurance plan is different so we encourage all participants to see if they can use their HSA plan to help pay for our programs as they may fit under the category of “wellness” or “preventative treatment.”
We have had great success supporting our Mamas through the online courses, monthly Q&A sessions, and online community. For Mamas who need a more personal touch, we also offer one on one Virtual Wellness Sessions that can help resolve additional questions or concerns.
If there is ever an instance where our doctors feel that you would benefit from seeing an in-person PT, we will help you find a reputable provider in your area. For most mamas, this isn't necessary.
There is no guarantee that this program will eliminate the risk of perineal tearing. However, medical research shows that the right type of birth preparation can decrease your chances of tearing as well as significantly reduce the likelihood of a severe tear.
Be wary of any product or program that gives a 100% guarantee of no perineal tearing with childbirth, as there is no research to back up those claims.
The ideal time to start this program is while you are pregnant. However, this course is designed to help anyone who is going to or has had a baby. Whether you’re pregnant with your first baby, raising toddlers and teenagers, or you’ve graduated to grandma duty—this course can help.
Pelvic floor dysfunction doesn’t go away on its own, but it is treatable no matter what stage of life you are in!
Of course! In fact, we recommend it, especially the section on utilizing partner support during labor. These courses are meant to set you up for a smooth and successful delivery and recovery. Having a partner that is in the know can be extremely beneficial.
Medical research shows that pelvic floor exercises are generally safe for you. However, if you are ever in a position where you are unsure, please consult with your provider. There are certain cases where a provider might want you to wait before you dive into one of our courses, and that’s okay! It’s never too late to start The DT Method and sometimes your body might need a little more time to heal before starting exercise.
ABSOLUTELY! Many of our mamas didn't find us until their second, third, or fourth pregnancy, and so on. We consistently have mamas telling us how much they wish they had known about these courses during their first pregnancy because it improved their experience and recovery so much.
Although a large portion of these courses are educational and do not require physical exertion, there are exercises that may not be safe for a high-risk pregnancy. If you are on pelvic rest or considered high risk, you will definitely need to get this cleared by your doctor. You should seek the advice of your physician before beginning any physical exercise regimen. However, there is plenty of material you will still benefit from even if you have to skip some of the stretches and exercises.
The DT method is designed to be used at any time during your postpartum journey, whether you’ve done PT before or not. It will teach you how to set the proper foundation and lay the correct groundwork to make sure you are moving forward THE RIGHT WAY after pregnancy and labor (no matter how long it's been).
These courses are meant for ALL women and birthing persons who want to prepare for birth the RIGHT way, stop the leaks, have pain-free sex, rebuild abdominal strength, and feel like themselves again.With 13 years of experience, Dr. Crouch has worked with thousands of clients both nationally and internationally, with 95% of them seeing improvement in their symptoms.