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Hey! It’s Dr. Marcy Crouch (aka The Down There Doc).

I’m a board-certified women’s health physical therapist and I’ve worked with thousands of moms helping them recover from symptoms like:

  • Leaking pee when they sneeze, laugh, exercise, or even do nothing at all
  • Pain with sex
  • Constipation or leaking poop
  • Hemorrhoids or booty hole pain

Here’s what you need to know:

  • These symptoms are VERY COMMON (at least 1 in 4 women)
  • NOBODY is talking about this!
  • Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal. You shouldn’t be leaking pee every time you sneeze!
  • This isn’t just the price you pay for being a mom.
  • This is treatable and preventable if you have the right help.

This is why I created...

Down There, Done Right

An online, on-demand, DIY, prep and recovery program you can access any time, anywhere. This is prehab, rehab, and postpartum recovery!

Ideally, every new and soon-to-be mom would be able to see a PT in person for 8-16 sessions...

BUUUT... This isn’t realistic.

It’s too expensive, too time-consuming, and there are only so many of us who specialize in women’s health and pelvic floor PT.

So I came up with a better way.

I took the best stuff that I’ve done in the clinic over the past 12 years and put it together into a  program SPECIFICALLY to help moms treat pelvic floor dysfunction and stop leaking pee.

This program WORKS.

We’ve had 100 moms go through our first online group and the results have been incredible.

Here’s what you get...

Three clinically proven courses, coaching, community, live Q&As, and more.

Elevate Your Birth

Prep your mind and body for labor, delivery, and speedy recovery.


The Early Days

Your guide to the first day after labor and on into the first few weeks.


Postpartum Power

Help you heal faster, better, and return to the life you want.

This is a complete program for pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum recovery!

This isn’t just a workout routine, and it’s WAY more than just kegels!
Breath Training
Functional exercises
The Basic 3
What to do and when
What NOT to do
Recovery roadmap!
If you’re pregnant now, you just delivered, or you’re 5 years postpartum and you’re still leaking pee when you sneeze, you need Down There, Done Right.

How it works

We’ve listened to our first group of mamas, and made improvements to the course. Now it’s ready for the big time!

So what’s missing? YOU.

I have a mission of adding 500 moms to the course and the community that goes along with it. I want to create a safe place to recover and talk about the things that no one talks about.

So I’m doing something crazy... It’s like a Kickstarter, but for a super helpful course and badass community of moms.

The earlier you join, the better deal you’ll get.

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There are tons of communities out there. Why am I paying for this one?
There is a TON of content out there and not all of it works! This is specific to solving pelvic floor dysfunction and you will see drastic results. You’re really paying for the course material — the community is an added bonus.
Is this a good deal?
Even at $500 this is a STEAL. A single session of physical therapy costs about $185. What’s it worth to NOT pee your pants every time you sneeze for the next 10 years?
What’s included in the course material?
This program is a complete roadmap from pregnancy all the way through postpartum recovery to help you navigate the ups and downs and make informed decisions with your provider.

It includes science-based education, birth training, manuals to track your progress, and exercises and stretches that will stop the leaks, help you have pain-free sex, rebuild abdominal strength safely, and bounce forward, not back!
What kind of results can I expect?
Clients that have gone through my program experience less vaginal tearing, easier birth and recovery, less leaking, less pain with sex, a stronger core, and more confidence and joy in their postpartum bodies.
When will the program launch?
Enrollment opens on June 3rd!
What if I miss the lives?
The course material is pre-recorded and you can watch it at your own pace. The lives are just to answer questions and connect as a group. If you miss the lives there will always be a recording you can watch later.
It’s time to finally do something for YOU Mama…

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