Push Prep Crash Course: Day 6

What’s Next for Your Pelvic Floor

Additional resources and tools to help you prepare for childbirth and a speedy recovery.

Congratulations!! You made it!

Nice job, you finished this Push Prep Crash Course, and now you know and understand the 3Ps to help reduce the risk of significant perineal trauma and tearing.
You know what though? This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. We have only scratched the surface, and I bet you are feeling that, right?
There’s so much more for you to do, to know, to experience to truly give you a handle on what the heck may happen during delivery and how to navigate recovery.

So What’s Next?

When I was getting ready to have each of my boys there were so many thoughts and feelings.
I was nervous, excited, overwhelmed, and so many other things seemingly all at once.
I wanted to feel excited going into my delivery, I wanted to feel prepared and like I’d done everything I could to set myself up for a smooth birth and recovery, and I wanted to look forward to being present and healed so I could actually enjoy those sweet babies.
I’m guessing you might have some of the same thoughts and feelings.
Hopefully, this course has been a helpful resource for you in your journey! But like I said, it’s a crash course and I know we have only scratched the surface.
If that was all you’re looking for, I’m so happy I could help!
But if you’re looking to really take charge of your birth prep and recovery, my program Down There Done Right is the next step.

Get ALL of My Courses for the Price of One!

Down There Done Right takes this crash course to a whole different level, plus includes an entire postpartum recovery roadmap, from seconds after birth to a year out.
It includes ALL of my courses, extras, and community for the price of one.
In addition to online modules and short, easy, fun videos that are PACKED with pelvic floor info, exercises, and knowledge, you also get into our private community.
No matter what your learning style or schedule is, you can dive into the content at your pace. You can watch, learn, connect, chat, read, and actually talk to a team of providers from TheDownThereDoc like you would talk to your bestie over coffee or wine.
That’s one of the differences: we are Moms, we are the experts, AND we are obsessed with you and your birth and recovery.
I don’t want there to be any barriers for you to access this type of course, this info, and this support. Because let’s face it: Motherhood is hard enough, right?
Since you showed up for the Push Prep Crash Course, I want to get you into my program, Down There Done Right for a fraction of the cost.
Down There Done Right

Ready to take control of your recovery and your health?

Here’s Exactly What’s Included:

Elevate Your Birth Course ($199 value) Everything you need to know about your upcoming birth, from push prep and birthing positions to safely preparing your pelvic floor for a smooth and speedy recovery.
The Early Days Manual ($199 value) A practical guide to navigating your first 6 weeks after labor with actionable tips on mobility, pain relief, wound care, pooping, preparing for your checkup and so much more.
Postpartum Power Course ($199 value) A clinically proven postpartum recovery program that includes education and exercises for early mobility, safe pelvic floor strengthening, returning to sex and exercise, and more.

Plus bonuses!

Printable course workbook for both courses ($99 value) Follow along in your workbooks as you make your way through the courses. The workbooks are filled with pictures, additional instruction, and guidance on goal setting with areas to take notes, track your progress, and organize your thoughts and questions.
Unlimited Community Access ($199 value) Not only do you have access to specific discussion boards with other moms and students but there are also expert workshops on topics like nutrition, fitness, hormone support, etc.
BONUS: Partner Guide ($99 value) These cover things like returning to exercise, maternal mental health, and how-to-babywear.
BONUS: Return to Sex ($99 value) A fan favorite: Learn why sex is uncomfortable after having a baby, how to make it better, what exercises you need to be doing to start gettin' busy with your boo.
BONUS: Return to Running ($99 value) Not just for runners, this course will prepare you whether you are running for fun or running after your toddler. Learn what you need to have in place so you can start running safely!
BONUS: Hypnobirthing Guide + Video ($199 value) Video training with Tracey Donahue, founder of GentleBirth, Doula, and Hypnobirthing Instructor.

How to Enroll

Since you already went through this Crash Course for Push Prep, you’ll get everything above for $297 (that's less than one session of PT, AND you get access for life).
You can also use your HSA card, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you go through the program and don’t learn anything. You just email us and we will take care of you.
Let’s do it!
No risk to you, and you can be CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED going into this delivery, armed with the knowledge to handle whatever comes your way, and prepared to bounce forward, NOT backward after baby is here.
You can actually enjoy this time in your life, without the pelvic floor coming to ruin party…sounds dreamy right?
See you in there!!