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What is the Pelvic Floor and its Job During Pregnancy?

Learn the three main functions of your pelvic floor, how it’s affected by pregnancy and delivery, and why you should care!

The 3 Main Functions of the Pelvic Floor

Before we can understand how to prevent tearing and trauma to the pelvic floor, we need to understand what the pelvic floor does and what it looks like.
The pelvic floor muscles sit like a basket or hammock at the bottom of the pelvis, and because they sit this way, one of the major jobs of the pelvic floor is SUPPORT.
It’s literally the floor of your core. It holds up your pelvic organs and your body weight, supports you against gravity, and never really gets a rest.
During pregnancy, the muscles have to work SO much harder because the load is also growing and getting heavier as the baby grows.
Add on a placenta, increased body weight, increased fluid, increased blood volume, and change in center of gravity, and that’s a BIG ask for those muscles over a period of 9 months.
Here are the two other main functions of the pelvic floor:
Who knew how many jobs those muscles have?!? Not to mention how hard they have to work during pregnancy!!
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