Stop Leaking and Start Living

Leaking urine after having a baby is common but that doesn’t mean it's normal. Read this article to learn how to stop leaking and start living.
Dr. Marcy Crouch
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September 9, 2022
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It’s not a laughing matter.

Laughter really is the best medicine. I love to laugh. I love to laugh so hard that my belly aches, and I love the connection that I get from laughing with others—it’s one of the best things in life. But no one should have to worry about leaking pee.

Incontinence is not fun and it’s really not funny. Please don’t just laugh it off. Too often my patients are told that leaking pee is normal and it’s just something you have to live with—even in everyday activities like exercise, jumping, coughing, sneezing, and, especially, laughing.

Yet when women open up about these issues, most times they are met with shame, embarrassment, and awkwardness. Some may even respond with phrases like, “SHHH! Don’t talk about that!” or “I don’t want to know!”

Too often when we discuss these things, we’re met with a flippant attitude. Although leaking urine is common, it should not be considered normal. This is an issue that can profoundly affect someone’s life. In fact, there are studies that show a link between incontinence and postpartum depression and anxiety.

That sounds a bit more serious than just a little pee, right?

Leaking Urine Isn’t Normal

Most women/mothers/birthing persons who deal with incontinence after having a baby usually continue to leak for the rest of their lives. Urinary leaking is also one of the most common reasons people are admitted into nursing homes.

If you wouldn’t walk on a sprained ankle for the rest of your life, why cause yourself the unnecessary stress of another musculoskeletal dysfunction like the inability to control the flow of your own pee? Doesn't make much sense, does it?

A lifelong condition like this shouldn’t just be ignored, laughed at, and even considered “normal.” Your quality of life matters and The DownThere Doc is here to help you improve it.

Listen, humor is important. I love to laugh, joke, and discuss these issues openly. But what I don’t love, and what I will never do, is laugh at anyone who is dealing with incontinence. I will not say that it’s normal I most definitely will not shrug it off. I’m on your team, and I want to help you live your happiest, most whole life.

These symptoms are treatable and can even be completely eliminated with proper pelvic floor rehabilitation. You don’t have to live with this and laugh through it for the rest of your life. This isn’t just the price you pay for having a baby!

So here’s the deal.

While there is nothing more delightful and soul-healing than cry laughing with your besties, leaking pee is not a laughing matter. If you’ve been dealing with these issues, it’s time to stop dealing and start healing. You deserve to be treated with understanding and respect by your medical provider.

The good news is that The DownThere Doc team is here to answer any and all questions you have. We’re here to help you through it and we’ll laugh while we do it (without the wet undies).

A great place to start is my free training, 3 Postpartum Exercises to Properly Retrain Your Pelvic Floor.

If you’re ready to REALLY take your recovery into your own hands, or even if you’re pregnant and prepping for childbirth, check out my online program Down There Done Right. It has all the information you NEED to know about birth and recovery that no one tells you. Let’s kick that pelvic floor dysfunction together mama!

Dr. Marcy Crouch

Known as The Down There Doc on Instagram and TikTok, Dr. Marcy Crouch is a board-certified women’s health physical therapist working to elevate pregnancy and postpartum care for women everywhere.